remembering your dreams

February 11, 2021 by No Comments

I was always fascinated with dreams. They were on my mind ever since I was a kid, travelling around the world while my parents taught me to walk on my hands. ซีรีส์พากย์ไทย Always growing up, these dreams seemed impossible to block. Once I was able to spend some time in nature, I was mission impossible! This gave me the ideal education in computer science. I learned how to design with graphics then started working for a computer company. It was strange to be working with these machines, but I learned how to survive with these tools.

A job in a company gave me liberty to learn many new things, and I did. I learned about new shortcuts I had never seen, buttons I had seen only once, and plain areas that I had never explored. Also, I learned to network LAN and watch streaming videos on my computer. These activities were unfolds with the help of a LAN connection. To say I was lingering on the LAN is a understatement. Also, the feeling of connecting with other computers was incredible.

I had Peak performance and a fast computer with full operation. What I soon discovered was that this performance was coming from a simple setup. The ram was not sufficient, the processor was slow, and the flash was still spinning. But I was happy and contented with what I had and what I was doing. Not long after my satisfied state, came the daily reminders to update the Operating System and Hardware, and then maybe install some driver programs. ดูหนัง These steps were beginning to consume my time.

I began to lose interest in doing those things manually. Also, the system would often crash while I was doing these activities. Against my will I began to search for other alternatives and resources. There are three areas you should consider when searching for alternatives to help you optimize your computer. They are Windows registry cleaner, startup program manager and afree registry corrector. I will highlight each of these three areas in this article. In the end, you will hopefully understand what each of them does for your system.

Registry cleaner

Your computer performs as well as it should because the system registry holds information on all the files and applications in your computer. If the system registry is corrupted or full of errors, it would slow your computer considerably. Spyware may also be on your computer and generate files that add errors to the system registry. อมควย A cleaning software will remove all these errors from the system registry and fix any other errors that it finds.

Startup program manager

There are three areas on the taskbar that you should activate. These include Hide, Show and pause. You can view and manage all of your startup programs from this area. It also has the additional feature of protecting your computer from malicious programs that you may not want to run at system startup.

Anti virus

A computer virus assimilates or copies itself into your system and eliminates your system performance and causes it to crash. To prevent this from happening, you must ensure that you run an anti virus program. Platform independent viruses help you maintain your system performance and detect any unauthorized changes made by a potential threats.


It is a process of defragmenting files that fill up the free space on your hard drive. It rearranges these files by opening them from the beginning. คลิปไทยเด็ดๆ You can prevent this from occurring by using the disk defragmenter that is on all Windows computers. It guides you through the defrag process. The results of this activity in terms of performance will be better error reporting and boot up considerably faster.

A free registry corrector

Your registry is the database that holds all the information about your computer including that of the hardware and software programs that are installed. If this database gets corrupted, damaged or becomes unoptimized, this can cause your computer to slow down. A registry scanner corrects all errors in your registry and fixes all the problems encountered, such as system crashes, missing files and system errors. It tuning up your system, removes errors in your files and reorganizes your database to optimize your computer’s performance. You can load a registry scanner to uncover all the errors in your system fast. After scanning and fixing your PC, you will notice a significant improvement in your computer’s performance and speed.

The registry is the database in which all the data about programs in your computer is stored. This includes their settings, and information related to their execution and launch.

Your computer searches this database for the files it needs to execute and start them.

referential integrity errors occur when the database is corrupt or damaged due to above mentioned reasons.

This causes the computer to be unable to read data contained in the registry

This slows down the processes because the registry is fragmented and is difficult to search. เกย์โชว์ควย