So, what’s the plan? The future plan? The settling down plan? The finding a base plan? The not being a traveller plan? A strong possibility is that you have faced these questions already if you’re also footloose.

When an entire country, my neighbouring one, gets razed to dust in some seconds in an earthquake, I don’t believe in plans – in settling down. While I could never relate to this planning the future part, the recent earthquake in Nepal gave me one last nudge.

Thus, my answer is – there’s no plan.

Why would I or you put your money/time/dreams at stake when there’s no assurance of what the future holds?

Have you got a bucket list? A list of dreams, of places, of people, of adventures – a list that you have tucked away in some dark space of your mind. A list that you think you will take out when you turn 45 (choose your own number here) and have more time and bank balance to make it easier. 

If yes, then I assume you’re sure of reaching the age of 45! Congratulations! You can read future! But, since I cannot, I will go for Carpe Diem.

Some call it Carpe Diem, some call it mindfulness – living in the present. I’m not asking you to spill all your savings or leave your job or go hiking up the Everest right now. I’m asking you to go on that gap year that you thought you would take after college.

I’m asking you to go backpacking in your country if the finances are low. I’m asking you to live in now rather than five years from now. I’m asking you to stop waiting for someone to hold your hand and take you up all those trails in the woods.

To make it simple – I’m asking you to stop thinking of what you cannot control.

We are humans and if we were supposed to have stayed at one place, I’m sure we would have roots instead of feet. Look at your feet, sock up, tie up those laces, sell all the stuff that you’ve no use for, tell the people you love that you’ll be back, book some tickets and leave.

There’s nothing as calming as a trip to a troubled mind.

If you’re in your late 20s or 30s, know how to read maps and book tickets, have been saving for a grand trip for all these years, it’s time to let go. Just go.

Your imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions. Imagine.

Agree/disagree with what I wrote, leave a comment below and we’ll engage in some brainstorming. I’ll wait.

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