If there’s one place in Delhi from which I intentionally stay away, it is Hauz Khas Village. Initially a centre of much interest, it lost its magic too soon. Mainly, because it attracts more of the pompous types. Here, you can find all of Delhi’s Porsches, Mercs, Lamborghinis, Ferraris etcetera etcetera. Good for some candid moments, this blatant show of money and those overly make-up(ed) men became a big put off, and I stayed away.

It was only the old Feroze Shah Fort, across the lake that, still, attracted me. Just the fort, till a week ago. When I bumped into Yeti. To put it better, when I walked into Yeti.

Now don’t go thinking that the snowman from the Himalayas came running to Delhi. For the Yeti that I’m talking about is a food joint, specialising in cuisine from Bhutan and Tibet, the two Shangri La’s of the modern world. The name lured me (yes yes, because of my professed love for hills), and I walked in.

2013-09-08 19.44.22-2_edited

Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen wasn’t glam and glitz, minimal in its lighting and all those jazzy effects. Lines of prayer flags flitted inside; one of the walls had the typical Tibetan masks that melt in the Sun, though this wasn’t the melting kind, and the menu was a delight. I did not understand half of the menu is another thing though.


The food was good. What you see in the picture is not those platters that you usually get at most places. This was just snacks, all vegetarian to my relief. The bread, Timomo/Tingmo, was more like a lump, tasted like the momos’ cover. Okay, forgive my vocabulary here, for I’m no foodie.

Call it surprising or any other word that you find apt, Yeti serves pickle as complimentary! I did not realise that it was pickle until I took a bite full. Pickles, obviously, are sour and not to be tasted in spoon fulls. Anyway, so the staff was polite and damn cute 😉

IMG_3566 f

The menu was so interesting that the man on the other table was using Google to figure which dish belonged to what region of Bhutan/Tibet! Still, I loved it for the fun quotient. And as they say, everything goes well with iced tea. So yes, if Hauz Khas Village and all its pomp has been getting on your nerves and you, still, by for some God forsaken reason, walk into Yeti (I’m loving this expression) and eat.

This is one of the better reasons to visit the area.

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