Yes, I’m vehemently making a statement that might raise a few eyebrows. Questions, in simple words. To me, peak season or tourist season is a myth waiting to be busted. Perhaps, that’s the reason that has made Kerala Tourism run marketing campaigns to pitch Kerala as a place to be visited in monsoons.

That, in the face of those self acclaimed travel gurus, who point out that the state is very humid, wet, and so much more during the rains.

If you ask me, I’ll say that Kerala during rains is greener and more beautiful than ever. Then, of course, travelling is not a fairy tale, where every part of the tale falls in sync with the others like a well thought of jigsaw puzzle.

It’s like you get some, you lose some.

While I was roaming around the Mall Road in Shimla the last weekend, I found it as magical as ever. Rains or no rains. Perhaps, the crowd was somewhat thinner than usual. So you see, I made a good choice. You get a place to yourself, sans the crowd. I saw life in the hills at close quarters then, for life hadn’t stopped even a wee bit even in the rains.

All I had to do was to carry a waterproof jacket with me all the time, and I’m not complaining. It was quite an experience, jumping over puddles, travelling in the local bus, drinking so many cups of coffee and much more.

Add to it the fact that hotels cut down on tariffs, you get rooms of your choice, roads aren’t as crowded as the peak season, famous eateries don’t run out of their “specialities” that fast too.

Firstly, a huge shoutout to the poet that @linthoi_ningthoujam is. Check her work on Instagram and you would know she writes magic. She talks of Neruda, I dream of Ruskin Bond’s Landour and Khaled Hosseini’s Kabul of yore. She talks of Imphal’s skyline that’s turning concrete and I, of hydro projects that might have the Himalayas caving in. We talk of Irom Sharmila’s hunger strike that started in the year 2000 and continues. They call us dreamers, poets gone mad, people seeking rainbows, utter romantics who will fail in their wait for imperfect yet true love. We put on our headphones, pick our pens, hike up and sit in the shelter of hills and waterfalls. Yes, we are dreamers. You? #travel #music #poetry #friends #outdoors #nature #dream #waterfall #instatravel #instafollow #travelgram #Himalayas #Himachal

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So you see, it’s like a one plus one deal. You travel on your own terms, within your set budget. And you, of course, see the beauty of a different kind!

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