“This is the end, hold you breath and count to 10” – No, I’m not reeling under Adele’s magic here. Neither am I hinting at the impending December 21st doomsday.

 That’s because women, especially in Delhi, don’t fear doomsday.

 Reason – It is doomsday, end of the world, for almost every woman down here.

Holed up in India’s glitzy capital, women walk out of home with a prayer on their lips that they come home in the evening – ungroped, unmolested, unteased, unraped.

Delhi’s underbelly is murkier than you can imagine. It hurts to write so bluntly about my own place, more so being a travel writer. I, may be, driving hordes of tourist away from Delhi, but so be it. As a writer, I stand for truth.

Leave aside the ‘obviously dangerous’ solitary stretches of this city, for now you can get raped in a city bus, with the crew happily joining in what must have been an amusing party for them. The victim in question is on ventilator, ‘critical’ as the doctors say.

The CM is in shock or perhaps, ashamed; the opposition has another bone to nibble on and spit at the ruling party. In the meanwhile, there are scores of men out there, eyeing their next prey.

With due disrespect, we do not want the CM to be ‘ashamed’ or spat at.

With the same due disrespect, we are not amused by opposition’s antics.

As the clock ticks away, the victim stays “critical” and if, she, by some miracle, survives, she is marred for life.

I don’t know what to say in my prayers – to pray for her life or for her death – whatever may bring her some peace. And then, do I pray at all? My faith is shaken, stirred to a trickle.

Delhi feels like a shit hole, where women are the easiest prey, easily trampled over. Accused are rarely caught, easily get bail, and rarely get convicted. And the maximum punishment is… peanuts.

As for the next prey, it can be me, or you. Watch out. Our minister stays ‘ashamed’ and ‘shocked’. We stay prone.

 I await 21/12/2012 – doomsday. It’ll be better than what we have for everyday.

 Rev up the volume. Join Adele, “This is the end…”

I can’t escape the shudder that comes over as the singer croons, “where you go I go, what you see I see…”

Shadows following me? Might be.


Now you know why women, especially in Delhi, do not fear doomsday. 

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