Some months back, I wrote about some (just some) of my roadside loves.

By that I refer to all the awesome guys I met (or saw) while hopping around India on one of my trips. While none of those turned out to be the love of a lifetime affair (mostly because we didn’t talk!), my hopes run high! Quite high., even though I’ll continue to travel around and wait for an inspiring travel love story to happen, Valentine’s Day won’t be all dreary for you folks. If you’re wishing for one reason to stop reading those I-walked-out-of-a-relationship-to-travel blog posts, my Valentine Day post would be it. I’m curating some of the most fun and interesting travel love stories that I’ve come across; stories in which people have fallen in love while travelling, stories wherein cupid was the co-traveller itself!


Plus, here’s your chance to feature in the post too. If you have a love story that came out of a trip or know of somebody who got love-struck while travelling, share it with me.

Write to with these details:

  • Your names (a blog/site link if you have one)
  • Your travel love story (where were you off to, how did you meet, what happened after)
  • An awesome picture of you two!
  • Do state in the email that you’re totally okay with me using the information for the blog post online!

Send in your entries latest by Feburary 18 (great if you can send it by Februrary 14!) Show me some love now by sharing some! I’m waiting 😀

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