I’m writing this at 7:26 PM, some hours away from turning 30. And bless me, this doesn’t make a difference.

More so, since I’ve already turned 30 (writing this the next morning, since I could not write more than that first sentence yesterday)! People, when I turned 20, and then 25, speculated that my priorities will change. But, sorry to disappoint, they have not. My priority set is very much the same – travel, meet new people, and (never) settle. Or, perhaps, I’m settled.

I’ve a decent job, an apartment (on rent) that is huge for me, and closets that have more clothes than what I prefer choosing from (never mind I don’t fit in many of those!). My kitchen, which is nothing like Nigella Lawson’s, has kept me well-fed somehow. While I might get a dog soon, humans have kept away. And that is precisely where I tipple the equation of ‘settling down’. A lot of questions and curiosity have come my way. And damn, people are curious.

Apparently, every one that I know is neck deep in love. Good for them, for that makes the world a better place. But, this phenomenon has not struck me yet.

Or well, it has. That, if we can count in all the fairly good ‘practically good’ people who have (or wanted to) date me. But, the thing with all the practical people and their love is some oxymoron, for you can either be in love or practical. My sort of love has no practicality, no chains. It is dreamy, happy, warm and so very powerful that everything else fades. Call it a flaw or label it good, settling down for anything less is not on my mind. Not at 30, not at 40, never. 

Do not confuse it with perfection; it’s perfection that is entirely mine. I’ll accept it when I feel it as ardently as I feel about travelling, the great love.


Something that can keep you going, something that makes you feel so powerful. Till then, I won’t settle. This is precisely (or almost) what I said when I turned 20, and then 25. And then, thanks for your patience for keeping up with me, at 30 as well!

To you, please do not settle. Firstly, know what you want. And then, wait for it. Be stubborn. It might be a long wait; it might be forever. But, it would not be a compromise. It will be perfection; your perfection.

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