If you have been following me on my journeys, you would know for how long I have been travelling. So much so that my career trajectory is pretty much shaped by them. Six years of work, followed by a sabbatical for travelling, followed by a full-time job again to fund more trips; now in my 10th year of work and 6th year in travel blogging, I have become your quintessential travel addict.

Striving to simplify life, grow rich with travel experiences, regardless of practical ways of living, I am not of much use to the world as we know it. Yes, I have been told so, in words or otherwise!

So yes, I am often seen drifting away from all notions of a planned life. Or, say, a practical life that people also term as “settling down”. Not the one to stay connected to cousins, or pretty much most people, my major touch points with the society are perhaps the few folks who fall in the friend category. A few, like 2-3.

The more I travel to silent places, the further I go away from all things noise. Quite figuratively at that, for I hate long phone calls and cacophony of shopping malls and busy lanes that are a part of city life.

Imagine roaming around in the Himalayas, listening to nothing but the sound of wind, wild river streams and the crashing waves of mountain lakes. Coming back to cities after such silent sounds, other than bringing a heartbreak, has also made me realise the value of silence. Of all things words, silence is the most powerful one. So, you see, I am the useless one if you want to talk without meaning. Needless to say, I still lap up good conversations with much enthusiasm.

Kalpa Kinnaur

Another uselessness that I have dumped on the people around me is the fact that I have chucked all realistic notions of life. As a teenager, much inspired by Hollywood-movie cafes, I started dreaming of running one in some lost town in the hills. No more a teenager, I still have not given up the grand dream, as some call it. In fact, it is now well-complimented with a fascination of never having a home, moving from one place to another. Till that becomes a reality, you would find me driving off to work every morning, giving it all my best shots, all prim and proper. No complaints made.

Maybe they are right; this is not how they think humans are supposed to mature.

But the thrill of something so far away from all things digital and practical, the idea has taken roots so deep that it cannot be shrugged off now. So, you see, I am of no use if you are seeking realistic guidance on how to live. Talk to me if it is a fulfilling life that you are seeking, and I might have a few pointers (you might feel more lost than ever before though).

Going off to places that are more gorgeous than you can ever think, eating with strangers in unfamiliar settings, jumping in almost-frozen lakes, flying over the Himalayas, running broke at another country’s border (and returning) – the good, the bad, and the ugly of travelling – all of it has made me useless to you.

Unless, of course, it is hopeless optimism to clutch your dreams tight and never being able to have a good night’s sleep till they come true, is what you want to sign up for.

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