Words and the magic of them. Tiny, little wonders, they make my day. So, today, as I sat in my not-so-tiny store-room turned library, surrounded with books of all sorts that this thought came to me. The idea of putting together all the quotes, all the words that made me a nomad, a hippie to the core.  

Thus, without wasting any more words, here are some of my most loved travel quotes, the ones that you might haven’t come across before.

This is what Mr Bimal Mukherjee, the first Indian globe-trotter said, when asked how they managed cycling across the Bohemian Alps in December, wearing flannel shirts!

bimal mukherjee

If that doesn’t sound inspiring enough to make you travel, I don’t know what else will! 



This is for every time you have clicked a feet selfie of yours while travelling. The next time you do that, know this, deep in your heart, that you’re not supposed to grow, live and die in one tiny corner of this huge, wide world. Explore, reward yourself TA (travel allowances), if your company doesn’t, fib and take leaves, do anything that makes you travel.



This. Good enough. I’m not explaining my liking for this one.



Words of wisdom (no, not the ones that we used to have in our school diaries) by Jessy Tapper, The Twenty-Something blogger and yoga teacher from Chicago. I found myself nodding in approval, not with the small paychecks bit though.


The mermaid quote could have come from the one and only Anais Nin. Makes me feel like leaving the city and living out of a seaside shack for much of my life. Much, as there are mountains to live off too.



Love Henry David Thoreau? Love travelling? Then you have to love this quote too. Perhaps, he visited the magical meadows of Chitkul or the majestic Himalayas of Kinnaur and Spiti before he quipped this one.



Anais Nin, good. Anais Nin talking of stars. Good enough for the star-gazer in me.



Imagine that and you’ll have a life full of warm memories. Memories as warm as the ones that come from the best of Christmas eves. 



This one lured me as strongly as my hippie instincts. States or wherever, the idea is cool. The thought, fascinating. Bang on.


Oooh… this has happened with me. So many times at that. Thus, my love for it. For every time I see a plane, its blinking lights make me crave. Very strongly to hop aboard. 


If you, too, have a quote that makes you go for your backpack and hit the roads, do leave it in the comment box below. Would love to see the Travel Love shared. 

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