Books, music, movies, people – there’s a lot that goes in your making. I, often, make for a curiosity-arousing subject owing to my love for “displacement” and travelling.

#TravelInspired posts move the spotlight from me to what made me. More coming. You can also follow the same on my Instagram account.

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Seven Years in Tibet – A great book, a moving movie. Both shaped me, simplifying my vision of the world. Heinerich Harrer, the mountaineer, is a hero, will always remain one.
One of my favourite quotes, “When you are climbing, your mind is clear. You are free of all confusions, you have focus, and suddenly the light becomes sharper, sounds are richer. You are filled with the deep and powerful presence of life.”

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Music; be it the Himachali band Laman, Neil Young’s ‘Unknown Legend’, Lucky Ali’s ‘Jaane kya dhundta’, @jason_mraz‘s ‘I won’t give up’, @maatibaani ‘Boondan’ or Rehman’s ‘Kahan hoon main’ – music moves me. Quite literally at that. You make me listen to a road trip song and I’ll be rushing for my backpack.
My playlist sees new entries everyday when I travel, including tracks in languages I don’t understand. One day, you’ll find me chasing music all around the world.

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Free Souls – “The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are with them or near them.” Met one such soul in this Buddhist monk in the Indian Himalayas. He roams alone, never staying at one place, loving anything that’s animate, smiles at strangers, knows life in those 108 beads that he carries around his wrist.
To all the free souls and nomads out here.

More coming.

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