I read somewhere on the internet, “Travel by faith, not by Wi-Fi.” I read that and remembered all the trips when I had run into people glued to their phones, co-travellers who would rather take selfies or sit with earplugs while commuting. And then, relentless complaints as we would journey into remote places that had no power points to charge phones, forget internet connections.

Why so connected?

Imagine yourself in the middle of a trek in the Himalayas, cursing the lack of internet rather than getting soaked in the disconnectedness of it all. Believe me, I’ve seen this happen; yes, in the middle of a trek. At times (most times), this constant need for staying connected takes all the happiness out of little things away.

Look around, look up. No Wi-Fi connection can get you this high!

The radiance of a sunrise, the sound of ocean waves, the soft out of green grass, the views out of a trek, colours off those butterflies, tranquility of a seaside sunset, and that gorgeous smile off our faces. That smile, for most of the people glued to their phone, laptop screens even on a trip mostly look either glum or too absorbed.

Put that phone away, talk. No Wi-Fi needed.

The next time you travel, travel by faith. The faith that the stranger sitting across the table is more interesting that what your Google search results throw at you.

The faith that things will be all right if you do not check those online maps so often. The faith that you can experiment with a newly-opened restaurant with no star ratings on the internet when you visit a new city. The faith that your cab driver is better at suggestions than Siri. The faith that the world would not end if you put your phone away while watching that sunrise. 

Back home, your Wi-Fi connection would still be there. 

Are you also hooked to the internet, posting Instagram photos or tweets or Facebook check-ins when you travel? Do you know somebody who isn’t? Apart from me, of course.

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