They call it selfish, I would be more liberal and call it making your soul your axis. A new year has come, a year that will, in all probability, will turn the same as the last year. Unless we try against it, unless you love yourself. So this year, I urge you to dedicate these 365 days to yourself, and let it sound selfish. If putting your mental and physical well-being in the top place sounds selfish, let it be.


This year I hope you choose self-love instead of self-improvement. I hope you fill the cracks in your heart with beautiful moments rather than hide the fractures away in shame. I hope you realise that to be whole means you give up on trying to be complete or perfect because simply being present is brave and wonderful enough. I hope you untame your fire and go fierce on all those expectations, relationships and memories that have dampened your spirit for far too long. I hope you hold your own hand and follow after the ache inside you because you are worthy of so much more than all you have settled for. May you drench in self-belief the diamond dreams for yourself you have hidden away up to now. May you rise. May you soak yourself in living, in blazing passion you allow to pour back into your weary soul and feed the soil of moonlit flowers within you. You have got to here, darling. That’s good enough. But the story your skin and cells tell is one of genius and marvel so make sure you keep going. But take your time, savour it all too. There is no end to this path of blossoming. There is no end to the defiant glory of you. Xx And so the New Years wishes begin xxxx and darlings, I start printing all your orders again this week. My printers open tomorrow. So my 2018 diary is still available. My new 365 small love-notes to self book is also still available. My calendar and my journal. They are all on the shop. Follow the link in my bio and make sure to order yours. Get prepped for this blank new year with some pebble inspiration and butterfly love close by. Sending love, darlings, goodnight and love to you on this cusp of full moon magic as well. xxxx

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I start this year with no resolutions (barring no skipping breakfast and workouts) and just a commitment to myself.

A commitment that I will stop justifying what I do and why I do what I do; a promise to hold my ethic-book close and let people question and get away with it without answering them; a vow to not explain my dreams and the feasibility of them; a caution to keep away from people and things that slow me down or the non-believers and non-listeners.

Also, a resolve to say no more often and every single time it needs to be said out loud. And while I am already pretty famous for walking out of situations that do not appeal to me, 2018 will see more of such walkouts for they really are a drain on my energy and a lot of other people involved. More on the lines of not my circus, not my monkeys!


We forget the little girl inside of us. The one that lived before the role, that danced and sang and drew and painted, before life got a little bit more serious and we had to find ways of coping with the stress. I feel it’s so important to write here, right now, that you are more that girl than you will ever be any role in your life, even as we grow old and beautifully wrinkly and our teeth become crooked, our hair like silver wires. That little girl never leaves us, though we have forgotten her. She waits for us to reunite with her. To return to her, realising her significance beyond all the difficult stuff that has happened in between. I don’t think we ever lose our purity. Our innocence. Sure we put stuff on top of it. Sure we lose connection with it. But the times we feel weak, where we feel like we need a hug, we are connecting with that girl inside us. That girl that needs us, that needs us to protect her. We entwine with her again in moments of softness and vulnerability. That is why our souls need us to go tender. She’s the one that will remind you of the joy of dancing barefoot on a field of daisies again. She’ll be the one to tell you to run into the ocean naked rather than tip toe by the pavilion just watching the glory from afar. She’s the one. And she’s there. She’s inside. She’s waiting. But she’s beyond the roles. To really join with her we have to peel away the roles that are in between. And we find her when we realise we are now old enough, kind enough and wise enough to look after her again. Xx darlings, my 2018 diary is still available. Follow the link in my bio to make 2018 the year you honoured the wise woman you are and the free-spirit girl you will always have within you. The diary will make the loveliest companion with messages like this scattered all over. A really wonderful gift to give yourself. Calendars, journals and Christmas cards available too xxx

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I will do more of what makes me happy; travel more and travel often, read more, write more, get back to music and write a song perhaps, compliment more, stay close to people who make me happy and tell them so, take out my camera frequently, get a dog, make better coffee, and start baking again as well.

This new year, I am standing up for myself, stubborn and strong. And I urge you to do the same, stand for yourself, love yourself. As long as you are true to what you say, work for what you are paid, stay out of meddlesome business, know when to help a person in need, it will never be selfish. It will simply be wise.

After all, I do not want a recap of 2017. Do you?

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