In a first of its kind, I pitched my camp in the Dhauladhars for a week. In the mini Tibet as they call it. Roaming around like a leaf riding the wind (Himalayan wind to be precise), I knew nothing, no fixed itinerary, no travel plans.


All that I wanted was to soak in the very air of this place that literally comes alive at around noon, with the ringing of school bells. Kids (those oh so lovely Tibetan kids) come galloping around from school compounds near noon, and you can watch them prancing around over a cup of coffee and some tofu (Cafe Mandala’s to be precise). 

Yes, you got it right. I’m talking about Mcleodganj and around. A place that has so much to sell to tourists that it has stopped selling. So, while I had my share of tofu and coffee and that real rich apple crust cake, I found some of the most interesting things to do at Mcleodganj. That, if you’re done with laughing over those kids’ antics, and, of course, window shopping.


Read my article on Mcleodganj to know of some of the more interesting, offbeat things to do. Including the likes of Sangye’s Kitchen (cooking classes), thangka painting lessons, trekking up the Dhauladhars, learning motorcycle repair and much much more. 


My favourite out of all is this tiny, colourful shack like shop named Dirty Laundry. 

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