“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.” – Buddha

I wrote Finding Zen for the caption there, as this journey has been a search. With “journey”, I mean giving up a prestigious business school degree, leaving an envious, well paying job at one of the best media houses in India, joining a start up, steering clear of a 9-5 job, and starting a life that has been keeping me on the roads. Literally.

A life that I chose, a life that is good, but with its share of uncertainties.

This search has made me come to terms with the back pain that comes back every time my journey touches more than 5-6 hours (much better than the headaches that visited in the first half of office hours!); with working in surroundings that can be anything from a beach to a hilltop; with picking skills, like photography and html codes, that are entirely different from what my degree in writing taught me; with losing a small but ardent set of friends (and meeting so many new ones that I have stopped keeping a count now); with a bank balance that teases me (though travelling feels like a great investment); with the uncertainty (and freedom) that comes from words like freelancer and consultant; with sleeping alone in strange hotel rooms (or under the stars); with knowing how much more there is to me, like the many Buddhas. 

With this “coming to terms”, I think I have found the zen. Have become the path.

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