The Jaipur Gems.

This was the view from a window at Amber Fort, Jaipur. Overlooking the courtyard, which was once a witness to the splendour and royalty of the kings of Rajasthan, this fort stands as grand as it must’ve been then. The Great Wall of Jaipur, on the hill beyond, runs alongside the three major forts of Jaipur, connecting them. And yes, rumor has it (no, it’s confirmed, I’ve a liking for Adele’s number that made me write that) that a part of the 18th century tunnel that runs from Amber Fort to Jaigarh Fort has been thrown open to visitors! An adventure beckons.


As I craned my neck to get a view of Jaipur from the window at a queen’s room at Nahargarh Fort, the setting sun took my breath away. The city looked bathed in a fascinating hue of orange, as I pondered over how the queen would’ve felt for owning access to this majestic view. Ah!

food rajs

Voraciously hungry after driving across the city, I gorged over the Rajasthani thali. With steaming hot food, the platter looked gigantic in terms of portions, though I hungrily (more of greedily) gobbled it all. The amazing staff packed the very special choorma for me, free of cost!

I think travelling is turning me into quite a foodie, for I can name all the dishes correctly, baati, choorma (in two colours, both equally delightful), dal, senguri, papad and of course, those big lumps of saffron ice cream!

Wondering how to plan a trip to Rajasthan, the land of royals?

Just put in a comment, or send a tweet or an email; help (if not pigeons) will be on the way!

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