Have you ever seen a greedy philospher? Perhaps no. And if you haven’t, meet me. This bench, the Philospher’s Bench, was my accomplice and witness too. Accomplice for I fell for it and it happily posed. Witness because I ordered some 2 kg of desserts right in front of it. These 2 kgs, were all for me.

And yeah, I ate it all. 

That much of food when I was on a trip for some reinvention (tried), some soul searching, reading at one of the cafes, discovering volunteering places, meeting those very beautiful Tibetan kids. In short, I thought I’ll be some sort of philosopher after this trip. But, after downing a huge coffee, two apple pies and one chocolate brownie, I was not even anywhere near this philosophical aim.


Thankfully, I ate it all before trekking up to Triund, and really hoped that I’ll burn at least some thousand calories. As for the philosophical aim, I think I’ll have to go back and keep away from this place.

So you better be cautious of this place. Down up there at Mcleodganj, they call this place Chocolate Log. Quaint looking and almost empty of its customary piles of cakes when I was was there (off season you see), I went in for this place has a big name amongst the best food places in Mcleodganj. All the cakes, cookies, breads and such stuff is homemade, baked by Cheryl, who’s running this place from some good decades. Don’t miss it for anything. 

And do remember me, whenever you look at this Philosopher’s Bench. A would be philosopher gone greedy.

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