While I agree that talking is quite good for your jaw and cheekbones, I couldn’t ever fall in the “talker” category.

So, however odd it might read, my next desk colleague might just have to be content with saying a simple “hi” for the first few months of knowing me. Though the most simple, logical reason for not chiming in every now and then is more like rule of thumb (don’t talk for the sake of talking), people are usually aghast at such behaviour.

I have had instances of people clinging so badly, or worse, assuming of a huge secret happening (tragic I suppose) as the reason for my lack of words!

If you, too, find yourself in such fixes, travelling might just be the high for you.

One, there’s little societal pressure to start a conversation. Two, you will meet so many people, who would be more than content with a lack of words that you’ll stop feeling like the odd one. Three, you’ll learn how to break ice with complete strangers; people, you might never meet again.

Being quiet is a bliss that only a few can experience, and many others just like me are luckier than the rest to realise that.

Sunrise in Himalayas

The Sun rising over the sleepy town of Mcleodganj


In moments of quiet, you become more responsive, noticing a dandelion’s changing shades, a butterfly’s snap of wings, or how the Sun is so silent (don’t think of the dust storms that brew on its surface) yet so enchanting, so powerful. More often than not, you’ll meet people who are eager to get off the social networks, happily basking in the glory of silence and lack of conversation.


I frequently bump into such souls, finding someone lost in a reverie with feet swung over a cliff, another one stretched on a huge boulder with eyes glued to the million stars in the sky, and some more sitting under trees with books for company.

One strange effect of travelling is that it turns the non talkers into talkers. With similar souls for company, words and thoughts tumble out with with more ease. So, sharing table with a stranger over a cup of coffee seems normal, walking down dark lanes in a huddle, again with strangers, is fun. You make friends who are puppy happy (read too happy) to share stories of seas, mountains, deserts and storms.

Yet, they’ll never breathe down your neck. Will always drift away and let you drift too for some good time. For they know you’ll come back, just like them.

With people like that around, the introverts, the lesser talkers know that they have arrived.

P.S. – The term ‘introvert’ is often considered negative, though it’s merely for anyone who finds his/her thoughts more interesting than what goes on outside. Isn’t that cooler than raving on and on!

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