Not sure if age has anything to do with it, but there would come a time when you would wake up feeling lost. Same feeling, every morning. Believe me, for I’ve had those mornings. A day back, I asked my Twitter followers about what they want me to write on; one consistent tweet/DM request was to write about the purpose of life. Now, if only I knew. Once upon a time, I was obsessed with the same search, even lapping up The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Did it help? No. I stopped reading it mid-way so it could not help. I stopped reading because it says everything that we already know, in more impressionable words yes.

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 If you know what makes you happy, chase it. That’s one heck of a purpose yes!

Over time, I figured that perhaps finding a purpose to attach to your life is not going to be easy. Or doable. What if all that we are supposed to do is live each day, one day at a time, evolving, growing out of our worse versions? What if we were supposed to just keep moving forward, learning and unlearning from each day? Perhaps, the one purpose of life is to open our heads and hearts to others, to ideas that are evolved, to a lifestyle that is sustainable, to find peace and keep it close (more on this in my next post)? For myself, I feel like the Instagram post above, another one by RM Drake, shared by a friend.

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 Row on, for that is the only way you’ll find any horizon.

Or, perhaps, our only purpose is to chase that one childhood dream that did not let us sleep till we grew up and turned realistic? Yes, that dream we thought we would turn into but did not, for some cynical comment from a grown up stopped us. Yes, I know you do not know the whole way; neither do I. But starting on the road would be a good place to, well, start. I do not know the purpose of life, mine or yours. I remember walking out on people who put the tag of “not possible” on my dreams, even when I had no plan and my ideas were all whims. While not everything I thought of has come true, a lot has. And the only way now is forward, in company or alone. But without cynics.

I do not see the whole long road yet. But, I know for sure that as kids we wanted to do so much smart, crazy stuff. Until reality kicked in, until the cynics entered. So, my word for those who asked me to write about the purpose of life is to MOVE ON and KEEP MOVING.

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