You know it, right? Yes, I’m talking about the human spirit. It might be happy, lonely, crushed or belittled but the one thing that you cannot do to it is to tame it. That is the precise reason I this photo appeals so much to me. A lone yacht sailing in the Arabian Sea at Mandvi in a weather that clearly wasn’t perfect. There were clouds booming in the distance and the sea looked ominous. But this yacht, God bless the sailor, was nowhere near the beach. It didn’t come closer for almost an hour that I strolled at the beach.

The wind was so rough that the windmills nearby were swirling at full speed. And believe me when I write that those windmills, on regular days, looked like they hadn’t touched the wind for years!

Check out my photo essay on Gujarat for more photos of Mandvi and suggestions on what to do there. Mandvi is best visited on a trip to Bhuj or the Rann of Kutch. Once a major port, Mandvi is best known for its ship-building yards, ship museum or if you like picking odd souvenirs like a sailor’s compass or those tiny little ships in tinier bottles!

I’ll not be using a watermark on any of the images in the “Photo of the Day” series as they mar the entire visual. Sincerely hoping that you would report if you find the images copied anywhere else!

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