This shot was taken at the front gate of the Narayan-Nagini Temple at Kalpa, Kinnaur. The Sun had almost dipped, imparting a very different shade to the scene here. Believe me, I’ve not used any filters while processing this one! This is exactly how it looked – gorgeous. In the background is the Kinner Kailash mountain, one of the most beautiful ones in the Himalayas. Kalpa was supposed to be a pit-stop in my 10 day road trip across Kinnar and Spiti Valley, but turned out to be so fascinating that I’ll soon go back and bunk there!

Kalpa Monastery


Also known as the land of Shiva, the entire region brims with temples and monasteries. Most of the temples, like the one above, are built using the traditional methods and a mix of stones and wood. Quite surreal in its setting, Kalpa was featured in the Bollywood movie Highway and has become quite a hit with those who chase on-screen lands (I do!). Quite oblivious to this fact, I landed in Kalpa one fine evening and watched the movie in the night, only to realize that I had walked the same streets some hours before!

I’ll not be using a watermark on any of the images in the “Photo of the Day” series as they mar the entire visual. Sincerely hoping that you would report if you find the images copied anywhere else!

Where is Kalpa?

Kalpa is a quaint town, more like a village, by the side of River Sutlej in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The nearest major town is Reckong Peo, and you can best reach Kalpa via the Hindustan-Tibet Road. Awe-inspiring views on the highway make it a treat. Visit Kalpa for the love of the Himalayas and the magic of it.

What to do in Kalpa?

Well, there’s not much to do in Kalpa. Not much if you do not like watching shooting stars, gazing at the Kinner Kailash mountains, watching the trekker’ torches go up and down on the hills at nights, camping in apple orchards, getting some alone time at the Buddhist monastery, or gorging over yummy pancakes at Jyoti Eating Corner, that’s run by an aunty, who cooks for the restaurant in her house’s kitchen!

Best time to hit the roads to Kinnaur/Kalpa is from April to September. The roads are in a better shape then and the scenery bursts with green and the surprising red of apples too!


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