It was a glorious morning. More so since the sunshine felt very welcome after the last evening’s dip at the Chandratal Lake (14,000+ feet). Don’t try to fathom a logical reason to that dip, since we jumped in on sheer enthusiasm. I spent the whole night to stop my teeth from chattering, conjuring the images of how a certain guy in a certain novel broke his tooth with constant chattering in bitter cold.

It was only the brilliant Sun in the morning that made those images go away. And then, it was bliss. Here’s a perfect shot of my perfectly messed up hiking boots.

I’ll not be using a watermark on any of the images in the “Photo of the Day” series as they mar the entire visual. Sincerely hoping that you would report if you find the images copied anywhere else! For more dope on my time in Kinnaur and Spiti, read this.

Where is Chandratal or the Moon Lake?

If you’re fascinated by the vista above and wondering about the location of this high altitude lake, here’s the info. It’s located at 14,000+ feet in the Spiti region of the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. Gorgeous to look at, Chandratal is on the Samudra Tapu plateau, located in an entirely uninhabited region of the Himalayas.

How to reach Chandratal Lake?

You can reach Chandratal Lake via Manali or via Batal/Kaza. Both the routes are open from around May to September. The landscapes on either of the routes is something to gape at. While the roads are quite bad, with river streams swishing across them for some stretches(!), you cannot expect better at such high altitude. You can drive or trek up towards the lake from Battal or Kunzum Pass. Keep your camera handy as the roads are legendary!

Can one camp by or around Chandratal Lake?

Camping in proximity to the lake is prohibited because of ecological concerns. But there are plenty of camps in a 5 km radius of the lake. You can either arrange for a stay at one of those camps (at around INR 1200 a night) or can bunk up with the shepherds in their tents (around INR 500 a night). 2/3 meals are usually included in the price.

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