All the information you would need for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh’s Bir and Billing. As a child, I used to look up every time a plane crossed, trailing the white streaks it left for long. Back then, I used to imagine myself sailing across the blue skies, precariously perched atop a plane’s wing. And though, that perching bit faded as I grew up, the fascination for flying part stayed.

Thankfully, I managed to ride the wind finally, flying like a free bird, soaring, dropping, gliding, whistling, hooting – all in mid-air. Life came to a standstill back then, for some 50 minutes, as I went paragliding at Billing. I had wings for almost an hour then – I was my dream then.

My heart did a somersault when I took to the air, thinking I’ll crash any moment. By God’s grace, we didn’t, for the trainer, Amit, was an expert. With no land beneath my feet, my hands clasped around the holds. Shooting up and up and up and some more up, we reached so high that we had no competition.

Fear had taken wings by then, for I got too absorbed in the rush of it all. While the snowy peaks of Kashmir stretched far beyond, the rice fields and tea estates on the ground looked nothing but patches of light and dark green.

Up there, I only feared that even batting my eyelids may take away a scene I might not see for long.

The red shock of hair that I’ve went crazy with the wild wind, my shirt’s collar flapped madly, my ears became prone to any sound but the mad whistling of wind, my eyes became round to see as much as I could, my hands froze from the cold up there.

Amit checked my hands to see if they’ve lost some colour or turned blue, but they hadn’t. And the second he asked if I wish to go down, I furiously declined, for I would’ve willingly got frostbite to stay there.


I had no wish to fly down even after some 50 odd minutes, yet we had to. Landing was one of the fabulous one I had ever imagined, as I sashayed down the grassy meadow at Bir with a swish. As good as a fiddle stick.

I’m going back sometime soon, to get a trainer’s license so that I can fly alone. Game?

Got a query about Paragliding at Bir and Billing, Asia’s best and world’s third best spot for Paragliding? Essentials, contact details of the organisers, price details?

How to reach? What to carry for this mid-air adventure?

Just leave a comment and I’ll try to answer ASAP 🙂

You can call up Amit at +91-94591-43618 to reserve a jump!

(This recommendation is solely based on my experience; it is by no means a direct or indirect promotion)

Quick tips for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh’s Bir & Billing – 

Assuming that you’ll probably be staying at Mcleodganj, taking a bike for the day to reach Bir and Billing is cost effective as well as worth experiencing.

Day’s rent for a bike is INR 800 – INR 1000.

You’ll be charged around INR 2200 for 30 minutes of paragliding. Some bargaining will do you good if more is asked for.

You can get a tandem paragliding deal from Mcleodganj itself, booking with one of the many adventure sports agencies there.

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