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Nako to Tabo – Your guide to Spiti Valley via Kinnaur

After Nako, your next stop can be Tabo in your itinerary for Spiti Valley via Kinnaur. Nako to Tabo Tabo is where you make an entry into the Spiti Valley as Kinnaur ends at Nako. The roads to Tabo cut from deep between the Himalayas, gigantic brown mountains on one...

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A Guide To Goa In Winters – My Favourite Experiences

Goa in winters is blissful. While the state does not disappoint in the rest of the seasons as well, it is in winters that the glaring Sun softens its rays, even sending some shivers down your spine if you are a late night stroller. No wonder the hype of visiting Goa...

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Mountains Or Beaches? You Can Love Any, And Both.

Till a few years back, I believed in 'either mountains or beaches' person thing. It might have a lot to do with the way almost everyone declares themselves to be either a mountain or a beach person. Wondering over the same, I used to call myself a mountain person,...

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