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When in Ladakh, skipping Alchi would be a bad idea!

If you have a motorbike trip in the Himalayas on your mind—one that does not leave you with a complaining back—the road to Alchi from Leh is just the thing that you need. At around 65 km from Leh, Alchi is a place that will take you back in time, by hand and by soul....

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Diwali Escapes: Away From The Fireworks!

Diwali is good and bliss and fun, and, sadly, a lot of noise as well. If last year’s Diwali left Delhi choked from smog for days after, and the noise from all the firecrackers had you in a spot, it is time to plan a getaway. Escaping noise and smoke, both still a part...

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Travel Inspired: What makes you travel?

Books, music, movies, people – there’s a lot that goes in your making. I, often, make for a curiosity-arousing subject owing to my love for “displacement” and travelling.

#TravelInspired posts move the spotlight from me to what made me. More coming. You can also follow the same on my Instagram account.

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Floating in the Arabian Sea, Susegad and more from Goa beaches

I perched myself on a rock at one of the Goa beaches, looking at the Sun going down the sea. A couple passed me, walking hand in hand into a beach shack. A woman sat flopped in the sand with a dog by her side. A couple of kids sped by on bikes, yelling in glee. Bob Marley’s ‘Don’t worry, be happy…’ started streaming from one of the beach cafes as the Sun dipped.

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