If you have ever travelled in India, you would know what this is and are probably grinning now. These orange candies are great relief when you’re heading towards the hills and are driving through roads that have 90 degree curves, drivers who love applying sudden breaks and seat belts give up. So bye bye nausea. All for 10 bucks!

Also if you’ve not experienced Indian summers when the plains set you sweltering, and hours of travelling leaves a good load of dirt, sweat and grime over you, orange candies are the saviours. Pop in one, settle back in your seat, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a tropical island. See that, this is what real comfort food is all about!

Back when I was a kid, I would see hawkers selling these in plastic packets, hopping in moving buses and trains. First sight of those man and even the sleepy kids would start stirring. I’ve loved these candies since then! While some friends swear by chocolates and an amusing variety of snacks when they travel, I never travel without a packet of these.

Do you have such a liking too? Share in the comments below.

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