Some hours since I came out of the movie hall, yet my head is still reeling. Angry Indian Goddesses, which is supposedly India’s first female buddy film can do this to you. I never write film reviews on this blog, for it essentially talks of my travels. Yet, Angry Indian Goddesses makes me write it, for this film is a journey. You might like it, hate it, love it, or just shrug it off and away like (m)any other Indian movies.

You can skip it too, and I’ll tell you why.

You shouldn’t watch Angry Indian Goddesses,

If you do not like looking into a mirror

Yes, because this film is exactly that – a mirror. A mirror that reflects the time that the women of this country, largely, are living in. It touches raw nerves, talking about everything from India’s obsession – obsession with fairness creams (damn they deleted this scene from the screening), obsession with censorship (you will have a beep for all sorts of words such as ‘fuck’ and ‘orgasm’. Oh, they beeped out ‘Kali’ as well), obsession with ideas such as homosexuality-is-abnormal, short-clothes-call-for-rape, women-shouldn’t-roam-outside-after-dark, marriage-means-a-woman’s-consent-to-sex, women-shouldn’t-drive-an-open-car (!).

So, do not watch it if you hate mirrors.

If you “do not want to be angry anymore”

Nargis Nasreen, one of the characters in the movie says this, “I do not want to be angry anymore.” But you would be, if you watch Angry Indian Goddesses. That, since there are no hushed up stories here. It hits you like a gale – wham (even after all the beeps and cuts), you feel it and cringe and wish to lash at someone, at something.

So, do not watch it if you don’t want to be angry anymore.

If you’ve made peace with the way women of this country live

Yes, if you are okay with the fact that rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. If you are okay with the fact that almost 100 women are raped in India everyday (and this counts only the reported cases). If you are okay with the frequent catcalls and groping incidents that are an everyday thing in spite of the fact that Indians have more than a thousand avatars of Goddesses, of female form, fasting, praying, bowing. If you’ve made peace with all this, do not watch Angry Indian Goddesses.

Pan Nalin, this movie’s director, deserves a bow for saying it right. It is a film for women, by women, for everyone who considers them equal.

This film is a great start, even though it came loose midway. Great even when more could’ve been done with such a brilliant ensemble of actors. Great because it is a start.

Here’s some help for anyone wondering what all the ‘beeps’ in the film were for, watch this.

And, I assume that the Censor Board did not get the Dildo La (it isn’t “Dil Dola”) song. No cuts there!

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