After Kalpa, you need to head to Nako in your itinerary for Spiti Valley via Kinnaur.

Kalpa to Nako  

Brace yourself and your camera for a sudden change in the terrain as you move over from Kalpa towards Nako, and then Tabo. While Kinnaur is so green that you might be tempted down to write a journal entry titled, 50 Shades of Green, Spiti is stunningly barren and brown. While Nako, geographically, lies in Kinnaur, it has all the hues of Spiti. Nako is at around 100 km from Kalpa, and the drive would be somewhere around 3 hours or more if you take stops for photography or just to linger around. I am a fan of both, and thus spent more time on the roads rather than at places in general.

the mummy of Giu Village Spiti Valley

You might also want to take a detour towards Giu village, for it houses a 500 year old mummy in Giu, India! Giu is also the perfect place to have a quick lunch by its crystal clean water streams before you drive off to Nako.

What to do in Nako?

Once there, you can have a quick visit of the Nako Monastery, a major point of reverence for the Buddhist community here. While evenings in Nako should be spent by its surprisingly green and gorgeous lake, roaming around in the lanes at Nako is a different experience altogether. Still quite offbeat, it is as rural as you can expect a Himalayan village to be. More so when you compare it to Tabo that has lanes full of cafes and souvenir-selling shops.

Where to stay in Nako?

Nako has 4-5 hotels right by the lake, and a little birdie also got me news of homestays cropping in the village. These hotels cost around INR 800+ for a night; well-stocked hotel kitchens in Nako for you get everything from pancakes and pastas to hot chocolate and steaming thupkas.


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