Till a few years back, I believed in ‘either mountains or beaches’ person thing. It might have a lot to do with the way almost everyone declares themselves to be either a mountain or a beach person. Wondering over the same, I used to call myself a mountain person, till a few years back, till things changed and I realised I can be both.

While I still crave for those long road trips in the mountains, the ones that take you high up in the Himalayas and make you insanely happy, I now have the patience to sit by the roaring ocean and admire a sunset as well. Over time, I found that mountains make me happy in seconds, for no reason; it perhaps is the heady Himalayan breeze. So happy that I feel almost tipsy, hungover for reasons that cannot be explained, not to alcohol definitely.

agonda beach goa

I cherish that insane happiness that come with the mountains, but I have also fallen for the thoughtful me when I am near the oceans. It is not a happy feeling; in fact, it is not a feeling… oceans are a state of mind. A state of mind that makes you think, introspect, go deeper in your own thoughts and meet a ‘you’ that you lost long back.

While mountains are dreams, oceans let you know that you can dream. Watching the Sun go down, painting everything in stark shades of orange, is a feeling that I have no apt words for. It might make you cry out of the sheer enormity of it all; for those few moments, you are cut off from the world, lost in a reverie that can be best described as magic.

I still want a tiny house in the mountains somewhere, but I will make sure that the oceans are not far away. Sometimes in life, you need to have it all. Right?

Where would you put yourself on this scale of Mountain Person Vs Beach Person? Tell me what you love about either of these in the comment section below; would love to know how others are faring!

Or, are you treading the middle path like me?

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