If there’s one thing that I am strongly addicted to, it is travel writing. Right from the school days, when I spent many a precious hours in the library poring over those ‘still fresh in memory’ pages of National Geographic. Thus, it was no wonder that I fell in love with ‘Seven Years in Tibet‘. A true life account of mountaineer Heinrich Harrer’s travel across the Indian Himalayas and then Tibet, it was the last book I read.

It’ll always stay last in the list, for however busy my days are, or whatever I’m reading for the day, it ends with a reading of this one.

By w:Arnold Henry Savage Landor; Wiki Commons

I go back in the pages and the words leap out at me, and I often find myself traversing that rugged terrain with Mr Harrer. So many times, if only in pages, I give him company in crossing the Indian border, in skiing down the hills in Tibet, in pleading to the authorities for permission to stay in Lhasa, in watching with wonder the many strange, colour filled festivals of Tibet, in listening to the flutter of prayer flags in the dead of night with not a single soul in sight, in witnessing China’s swift, planned and continuous play of power in that simple land.

 So beautifully has Mr Harrer weaved in the words that I often visualise the court of Dalai Lama, that too, when he was just a kid. This book opened a world of infinite possibilities to me, and became one of the major reasons that made me a travel writer.

By Bgabel; Wiki Commons

It was only after reading this fascinating travel story that I know what Mt Everest looks like, when you first see it in the backdrops on the plains of Tingri. It was only after I read his ascent that I dreamt my dearest dream – of climbing Everest, some day.

A splendid show of courage, guts and hope, Seven Years in Tibet is more than just a masterful work of words. That’s what a bookworm has to say, that’s what a writer has to write about it.

Some other time, I’ll talk about my other obsession, The Chronicles of Narnia and, of course, C S Lewis. Till then, it’s Mr Harrer.

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