If you’ve ever wondered what makes the Kerala backwaters so gorgeous, other than the picture postcard-like landscapes,ย it’s the people. Most of the boatmen live by the sides of the backwaters, often opening their houses (also kitchens!) to tourists.

That implies that other than dining with them, you can watch them cook the most famous seafood of the Kerala backwaters in their kitchens. While I’m a vegetarian (moving towards vegan), I couldn’t help but admire their culinary skills. Wafts of the best home-grown spices can often be enjoyed while lazing around in the paddy fields in the backyard of their houses.

About the photo –

This man, my boatman, for the Kerala backwaters let me steer his prized boat and play with his pet eagle too! Yes yes, you read that right. He had an eagle for a pet (I’m quite sure that this eagle is adept at fishing, just like its mates, who bring in prey from the Mekong River in Laos!) The best part, he declared me a master boats-woman with a thumbs up. But only after I got over giving a lot of sudden turns and jerks to the boat. Believe me when I write that the Kerala backwaters are beautiful and not in a photoshop way of words.

Once back from your backwater run, try the coffee or one of the shakes at Cafe Paradiso, run by two brother. The younger one resembling Bob Marley can also help you out with itinerary advice about Alleppey, Varkala, Kumarakom and around.

If you’re planning a trip to Kerala backwaters or the hippie Varkala any time soon, do read my post on my experiences and the best things to do in Kerala. Quite offbeat, quite untouristy.

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