While a lot of people, mostly in rush, prefer visiting Spiti via Manali, I am in ardent love with Kinnaur and would not skip it for anything. With that in mind and a lot of queries, I’ve written this mammoth itinerary for Spiti Valley via Kinnaur. The roads from Kinnaur to Spiti are stunningly scenic, and when I write scenic, I mean way better and dreamier than what the Alps looked like in Yash Chopra movies.

While I suggest you to follow no itinerary for  Spiti Valley and Kinnaur if you have ample time, here’s sharing an easy to follow itinerary for Spiti Valley and Kinnaur along with suggestions on what to eat and where, how to find a hotel in Spiti and Kinnaur and other handy tips. Since this was becoming a mammoth post, I have broken it down in multiple posts and given details on every major stop that you will be covering in this trip.

  1. Shimla to Sarahan 

If you are in no rush, do not skip Sarahan. Home to an ancient temple, dedicated to a Hindu Goddess, it is a beautiful hamlet right before you venture off towards Kinnaur. A must-visit; find all details about Sarahan and what to do there by clicking on the link in the heading.

2. Sarahan to Sangla Chitku

This is where your real journey to Spiti Valley via Kinnaur starts as you witness the marvel that is the Hindustan-Tibet road. While Sangla is as beautiful as the Himalayas can get, Chitkul is where you fall right in the gregarious of nature. A stunning place, read all about both the places in my guide to Sangla and Chitkul by clicking on the heading above.

3. Chitkul to Kalpa

Another marvelous day waits for you as you drive off from Chitkul towards Kalpa. The sheer sight of the Kinner-Kailash range in the backdrop of this beautiful, tiny hamlet will take your breath away. Know all about Kalpa, how to find hotels in Kalpa and what to do there in the blog post, link is in the heading.

kalpa kinnaur spiti

4. Kalpa to Nako 

Kalpa to Nako is a more interesting day, for you will be leaving the very green essential of Kinnaur and get a glimpse of the barren, brown landscape of Spiti. While Nako lies in Kinnaur itself, the difference in landscape is evident. Enroute, you can also explore the mummy at Giu Village. All details in the heading link above.Nako Kinnaur Spiti

5. Nako to Tabo 

Tabo is where you will cross over to Spiti Valley from Kinnaur! And yes, there is a BRO sign to welcome you, and it is generally marked by people for a customary photo. Know all about the attractions, experiences and hotel options in Tabo in the linked post. More on Tabo Monastery as well.

6. Tabo to Dhankar & Kaza 

Start early from Tabo for Dhankar if you wish to reach Kaza by evening. All details about Dhankar Monastery, Dhankar Lake trek and stay in the post. You can also choose to stay in Dhankar, or enjoy a comparatively luxurious time in Kaza! Read all about Kaza hotels, restaurants and more in the link in the heading.

Dhankar Buddhist Monastery Spiti Valley India

Monasteries as ancient as this, Dhankar Monastery, make Spiti a land steeped in folklore, myths, beliefs and a lot of mysticism.


7. Kaza to Chandratal to Manali Chandratal is, perhaps, the most awaited stop in any itinerary for Spiti Valley, and this will be your day. While you can also choose to go to Pin and stay in Mudh Village, driving off to Chandratal is legit it you are running out of time. Know all the details about the Batal road, Kunzum Pass, which lie on the way.

Chandratal Lake, Himachal Pradesh

Waiting for another sundowner at Chandratal Lake, Spiti Valley

Camping in Chandratal and at least a night’s stay is a must, all details about it in the linked post. Click on the heading to read it all.

As you plan your trip to the mountains with this itinerary for Spiti and Kinnaur, do not forget to drop a comment in the section below. Would love to know how you find it. Happy travelling.

PS: I do not facilitate stay or tour planning yet, so please refrain from sending me e-mails asking for costing and such details.


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