“Behind the waterfall of love, you’ll find me, hiding in a barrel.”

Isn’t that the scariest thing of all, running away from anything that says love? People, friends, pets, houses, a regular life – everything that takes you anywhere near love.

Hiding in a barrel is, of course, the easy way out for you’re never vulnerable, sure that nobody would ever see you broken like the many streams of a waterfall. I run away too. And I’m sure a lot of us do, run and hide in our barrel of certainties.

But then, waterfalls are beautiful. Aren’t they?

Let’s try love, compassion for a change. We might get broken again, but we’ll be breathing fresh air – away from the barrels of our scared hearts.


A photo posted by Shikha Gautam (@nomadscribblings) on

Captured this one while sitting at the foot of a cascading waterfall in Mcleodganj. Follow me on Instagram for more such posts. 

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