Lately, no it’s been quite long, I’ve been getting messages, e-mails and more from people keen to take up travel blogging. To frame it right, a majority wants to know how to be a travel blogger (which hints at the mystery of how to get paid to travel). While this may sound brutal, no such concept exists. People, specifically bloggers, who get paid to travel are doing more than just embarking on fancy trips. These are the people using their skills and travelling from the money they make of it. So, you see, they are getting paid for certain work and not travelling exclusively.

There is a lot that you can do to get here, right from photography to writing to social media marketing. Some of the best travel bloggers with seemingly cool jobs are working even while travelling to keep, well, the trips going. Consider Derek F’real, one of the best travel bloggers out there. This amazing guy seems to have more than 24 hours for a day in hand for his work shuffles between writing for his own blog, guest posts, social media promotions, video editing, photography and what not.

Again, if you do not have any of those skills, check out websites such as Jobbatical that will lead you to a more secure, conservative approach of working as well as travelling. This site has jobs for everyone from IT and Education to Social Work and more. So, even if you have a run-of-the-mill engineering degree in your kitty and have the spark of wanderlust going strong, there is no need to let go of that comfortable pay cheque.

Solo Traveller Shikha

To the mountains

As for travel blogging, the queries that get pouring in my inbox are majorly from people, who still haven’t set up a blog! So, you see, you cannot get to the top of the ladder by skipping the very first steps. If you like blogging, go ahead, start a blog. If you like travelling, start travelling to places that meet your budget. Stop waiting for publications and corporate houses to pay you for your trips. It’s as simple as the times when you go shopping; you buy what you like and can afford with no expectations of somebody else paying for you.

The point is, it’s your dream, only you can/should build it.

PS – For the ones curious about my trips, I’ve a regular job for more than a year now and I’m not hating it. And yes, I’ve not stopped travelling. If anything, I’m adding more pages to my travel blog here.

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