Writing at 2 hours away from turning 28!

There’s been an influx of these nearing 30 articles. And I’ve read a lot of those since most of these come from close friends. Some sounded pretty cool, others pretty scared. Rest, quite confused.

I thought that I’ll feel like one of them once I’m about to reach 28, but the perfect word for my feelings, now, at 10.18 pm, is ‘strange’. Seems like this nearing 30 thing hasn’t worked its effects on me. Other than the change in numbers, there’s not much to it. Getting wiser (or practical as they say) is definitely not coming for me. 

Exactly eight years back, three months before I turned 20, I had my first job. Today, I have quit what I did for all those eight years. Perhaps it’s time to do something cooler and more fun. Or, probably, make wiser choices. Back then, I had two awesome friends; now, I have more, though still not in double digits. At 20, my dream was backpacking across India.

At 28, it’s grown bigger and includes a Passport!

And as not expected by many, my awesome appetite for dreaming has grown stronger than ever.

A lot more grey hair in my red-head hasn’t resulted in much worldly wisdom. Not yet. I’m still falling in love with the sea, mountains, puppies, forests, roads, rivers, music, words and strangers. Still, as and when, I find and lose any of these again.

Nearing 30s hasn’t made me less fidgety, not even in my head. And that means, I’m still pondering over an alternate end to Gone With the Wind; wondering if taking a flight to Bhutan would be as cool as biking all the way; thinking over the very appealing prospect of backpacking across Europe; finding my own fairyland and fighting my own demons.

I haven’t lost hope in the possibility of Narnia or Malgudi or TARDIS.

Beach walk into the sunset

Patience is yet not an area of expertise with me; the second I know of a mind game being played, I quit. Unexpectedly and unquestionably. This year, I resolve to call people by their right names!

And while my self-made ethics’ book has been much broken, it’s mended with due care and diligence!

I still fight to wake up early in the morning and make through the God damned mountaineering course. Tomorrow morning? Seems plausible.

And though Mills and Boon didn’t work their charm on me, there are the roadside loves. And if you know me or any other Sagittarius, you would know this optimism isn’t going to fade.

Not even if I was writing this 10 years from today. For you know, 

“If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be traveling on now
‘Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see.

But if I stayed here with you,
Things just couldn’t be the same.
‘Cause I’m as free as a bird now,
And this bird you can not change, 
Lord knows I can’t change.”

Stay blessed. Keep travelling. And yes, a Happy 28th Birthday to me.

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