Not a travel tale, but worth it

Going against the convention that I wake up early only when I’m in the hills, I got up at 4.30 am. Half wishing that my biking buddy for the day would be asleep. But his first words were, “I’m up.” So, like always, I opened one eye, then the other after much thinking for over 10 minutes. But then, it was bikes that we were talking about.

 Good old Enfields. Yes, I was never a car person.

Life slows down for me unless I’m hit by the Sun and wind. Plus, there’s the low, reassuring thud of the Enfield.
Thus, we met. A group of five. Almost everyone meeting the others for the first time. Plus, the 300 odd bikers present to mark Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run on July 06, 2013. Humidity was touching some new high, though the Sun largely stayed behind the clouds.

In rows of two, the whole troupe would cross a point in some 10 minutes. A spectacle that got sleepy eyed people out of their homes on a lazy Saturday. And as the bikers burned more rubber and neared the lake, yellow mustard flowers popped up by the sideways. Plus, those red-pink bunches of flowers that are almost a landmark of Indian roads.

Barring heat, there was nothing to dampen our spirits. The rose coloured Aravalis made me remember the famous ruins of Petra, a city lost long ago. While jokes were the flavour of the day, friendships were forged over a memorable ride.

In store are helmets, camping gear, bike manuals, hills, deserts, lakes, rivers, peaks, snowfall and more. Stay tuned for the DBBR run signalled the start of a new travel series. A new group that calls itself Breakfast Bikers.

More suggestions for a name are welcome. Till I put up the next story for the group, you can clue us in to some of the best roads for biking in India.

Lenswork – Sundeep Meena Ramudamu

Wordswork – Shikha Gautam

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