Temple in the hills, heart on the road.

Wood Temple, Kullu.

The artistic beauty of this temple, a structure made wholly out of wood, took my breath away. This form of architecture and wood carving is fast on its way to extinction, for the lack of interest and an acute shortage of funds for the artisans. We would have missed this quaint, two storey structure that stood on the road near Naggar. River Beas flowed right by its side, setting a background score that chirped and murmured in some strange ecstasy.

to solang

The road to Solang valley.

Life, for sure, hasn’t been the same ever since I have known the love of roads. Whizzing across this terrain near Solang valley in Himachal Pradesh, I lived and loved. The greens that carpeted the hills alike formed a wondrous contrast to the blue of the skies, which turned grey soon, for dark clouds came hovering. The mountain peaks soon turned some silhouettes in the oblivion, for heavily laden clouds encircled them. An unforgettable drive.

Some day, I’ll go back. For the love of roads.

And yes, as it started running, this is what came to my mind –

I Love the Pit-Pit Patter of the rain drops,

I love the buzz-buzz buzzing of the bee,

But the sound I love the best, the very, very best,

Is to hear that God loves me….

Lenswork – Akanksha Gupta

Wordswork – Shikha Gautam

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