Dalai Lama's Cat Think of a book that can simplify your life. Now, think of a book that makes life simpler. The Dalai Lama’s Cat is one of the latter. And this, is, quite clearly, not a self-help book. A cat that loves being called HHC (His Holiness’ Cat), Rinpoche and the Snow Lion, spends days in the private quarters of the Dalai Lama and recounts the happenings in the most minimal manner possible. 

Be it Mrs Trinci, the cook, who would become angry at a feather’s touch; or Sam, the nerdy but under-confident guy who lands at a cafe in Mcleodganj and in the cat’s life too; or Bhutan’s queen doting on the cat; or the world-famous self-help guru, who meets the Dalai Lama and cries about how he can help the world but not himself, every incident is a tale in its own.

Tales of great lessons that never become overtly preachy; always simmering underneath and making a point in undertones. David Michie, a self-confessed cat lover, manages to leave you with enough thoughts and wonderment after every incident.

A master of simplistic writing, just like Linda Leaming, David Michie writes in few words yet means a lot.

Consider this, “The success you currently enjoy arises from your past generosity. And the generosity you are practicing now means that you will enjoy more success in the future.” 

If we focus too much on ourselves, we make ourselves sick.” – I have rarely come across life’s lessons in such simple words.

Mcleodganj’s truthful description, as the cat prowls around its lanes and markets, makes the read more interesting. More so, since I’ve spent months at Dharamsala and Mcleodganj and can make a better connect when David Michie describes the life and happenings in the lanes. This is one precise reason why the Dalai Lama’s Cat appeals, very strongly, to the travel writer in me. 

Must read this. Must follow. 

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