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Hullo! I’m Shikha, the founder of Nomad Scribblings, a travel blog about India. I’m a solo traveller in search of surprises in India. Here, on my blog, you will find my travel stories from across India, photo essays that capture  my trips – right from the cold, high altitude deserts of Spiti to the solitary beaches of Diu to the surprisingly beautiful backwaters of Kerala. Plus, the very enchanting north-eastern India. More often than note, you’ll find anecdotes from my solo trips here.

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Floating in the Arabian Sea, Susegad and more from Goa beaches

Floating in the Arabian Sea, Susegad and more from Goa beaches

I perched myself on a rock at one of the Goa beaches, looking at the Sun going down the sea. A couple passed me, walking hand in hand into a beach shack. A woman sat flopped in the sand with a dog by her side. A couple of kids sped by on bikes, yelling in glee. Bob Marley’s ‘Don’t worry, be happy…’ started streaming from one of the beach cafes as the Sun dipped.

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Kerala Stories – God’s Country In Photos

Kerala Stories – God’s Country In Photos

You do not need to be a professional photographer to capture Kerala photos. That’s the magic of this state in the south of India. A place that has beauty in such abundance that it looks like a canvas that is still wet, painted by somebody who was almost a poet. No wonder Kerala is known as God’s own country, it can besot any Gods.

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This is what solo travelling looks (and feels) like

This is what solo travelling looks (and feels) like

There is hardly any difference between solo travelling and otherwise. Or, well, there actually is. While I am quite good at travelling with people, also goats and sheep (true story), there is nothing as calming as a solo trip. Calming even if you take away the cool quotient that people usually associate it with.

Solo Travel for Women


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