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Hullo! I’m Shikha, the founder of Nomad Scribblings, a travel blog about India. I’m a solo traveller in search of surprises in India. Here, on my blog, you will find my travel stories from across India, photo essays that capture  my trips – right from the cold, high altitude deserts of Spiti to the solitary beaches of Diu to the surprisingly beautiful backwaters of Kerala. Plus, the very enchanting north-eastern India. More often than note, you’ll find anecdotes from my solo trips here.

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Why do we travel? My answer.

Why do we travel? Why you should travel?
A very basic question, but asked so frequently that I realised I might as well write a post on it. While I’ve my own reasons to travel that I’ve jotted down in this post, hasn’t it been the IT thing from as long as we remember?

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