Yes yes, you can let out a low whistle now. The wait of a decade has come to naught with this year, for the sky watchers are in for the show of a lifetime. NASA has just announced that this year is the best time to watch the sky running colourful with the phenomenon that we all know as Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights.

Though the lights are at their dazzling best between October to January, this year they’ll be coupled by another phenomenon termed as “solar maximum”. It will lead to a more frenzied activity between particles in the Earth’s atmosphere and Sun’s.


Courtesy – Visit Finland

Plus, the show will be on for an extended period this time. From September and will turn more fascinating till at least November.

Where’s the perfect stage ? Best places to watch Aurora – 

Well, you can watch this lighting up of the skies in Alaska and northern parts of Canada, the, supposedly, best places are Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and the northern regions of Russia. Pitch a camp in the wilderness or choose a hotel where the alarm goes off at the first sighting of these lights, make sure that you have a 360 degree view of the skies.

There’s such a fascinating mix of colours up there that you might turn a painter. Don’t blame me for that.

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Story by – Shikha Gautam

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