Surprisingly undermined as a place for artsy people, Mcleodganj deserves much more than just a mention. For two days, I roamed in the bylanes and bumped into artists of all sorts, the most fascinating being the thangka painters.


White Tara to Shakyamuni and Kalachakra

Tiny, careful and measured strokes take months to complete one painting. Paintings have almost everything that is Buddhism related, right from the deity White Tara to Shakyamuni and Kalachakra; here,¬†you’ll find the painters breathing life to canvas.

hand-beaten brass and copper idols at shivas cafe

Also up for grabs are hand-beaten brass and copper idols (like in the picture above). The next time you come here, look further than just the waterfalls, liquor and Shiva’s Cafe. Mcleodganj is as artsy as you can hope a little Himalayan town to be.

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