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Quite annoyed by the “snake-charmers, bejewelled elephants” and “people sleeping on pavements” image of India, I started backpacking across the country. Surprises welcomed me such intensity that I fell in love with India, all over again.

The barren, cold deserts of Spiti have people who ooze warmth; Buddhist monks pray for world peace 24x7, counting prayer beads in the monasteries of Dharamsala; fisherman sway to water’s rhythm in Kerala; nomadic tribes colour the otherwise white and salty Rann of Kutch; Portuguese settlements look like a thing of yesterday in Diu; people walk around with guitars slung over their shoulders and wake up to game of football in Sikkim; fairy tales sound so much more real in Dzongu; shooting stars made me gape at the sky in Kinnaur; Varkala wooed me with its astounding beauty… Ahh.. I can go on and on, raving about the many wonders of India. This is how my “been there” list looks for now.

There’s more in order, for I still haven’t seen even half of this fabulous country.

What made me a Travel Blogger?

I wouldn’t take you for a ride by saying that my childhood dream was becoming a Travel Blogger. Back then, nobody, at least in India, had a clue about travel writing or blogging. So, this blog is a result of an unplanned trip to Rajasthan that made me jot down my experiences online. A lot emails from strangers poured in, asking me to plan a trip to India. And thus, with the realisation that great travel content works, I began my journey. Often working late into the nights after winding up office work!

A dream!

All my life (that isn’t much at 28), I’ve been a dreamer. Living in the contemporary, I still follow stars, make music, walk in rain, slide down (not always willingly) hills, watch in awe as flowers bloom, listen to birds’ songs and follow my whims. I wanted to be so many of all the “cool” professions that I was often regarded as a confused child.

One of those “cool” ones was being a pirate!

Others being a painter, a violinist (I did learn some guitar), a fashion designer (thank God that I didn’t), a writer, a film director, a cartographer and a sailor. One was also becoming a butterfly. While I didn’t become many of those things, except that of a writer (as says my JD), I became all of them (except the butterfly of course). And the credit goes to travelling.

I work late into the nights. Just so that I can have the time for places like this in day time!

I work late into the nights. Just so that I can have the time for places like this in day time!

Roads and words are the two great loves of my life.

One makes me wander, while the other brings me home.

A (it can be more than once) world tour that’ll cover all the little hamlets and the biggest cities, the deep, gorgeous valleys and the highest mountains, the greenest jungles and the barest deserts, is my bucket list.

Call it the entire bucket if you wish!

Life is diving in a waterfall, and then sipping on a Masala Chai to ward off cold!

Life is diving in a waterfall, and then sipping on a Masala Chai to ward off cold!

Life, for me, is moving. Find more of my work  in the Travel Stories Section on ixigo.com

How do I manage travel expenses?

Okay, I’ve been asked this so many times that I’m writing the answer here. So, first thing, I got my first job when I was 20 and continued working for 7 years in a row. That left me with huge experience and some bits of savings, and also in a position to get a job anytime I wanted. I try not to travel luxury and continue working as a freelancer – writing, blogging, selling travel photos, working as a Content Marketing Consultant. I travel for the love of it; just as some of you love going to pubs, shopping or anything else. 

To continue working and travelling, I started Nomad Scribblings Tours this January. It’s on the lines of Contiki, wherein I organise group tours in India, guiding groups of travellers across some of the most amazing places that I’ve covered in India.

With love

A traveller from India


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