Lazy & Laid back – In hills, people are never in a rush. They have time to wander around aimlessly, indulge in some harmless gossiping, have time to sit in the sun, are content with fixed pays (or even no pay), find their biggest troubles in the loitering, gawking monkeys. In short, they live at a pace that allows them to ponder over the marvels of little things. More importantly, they live.

Photo Courtesy – La Priz

Glance Around & You’ll Have Much To Laugh At – Okay, you might consider me mean after reading this one, so I’m clarifying even before you begin. This is pure satirical humour, no offences meant.

When I say laugh at, it’s mostly the tourists at the receiving end. Picture this – you’re walking down the road, clutching yourself tightly for it’s amazingly cold.


The mist is so dense that you can hardly say if the two headlights are from a car or just two scooters that are running parallel. And just when you thought that life is good, you look back and get a common sight. A lady, in her late 30s, near you starts giggling in unnerving fits, wearing an almost see-through dress that ends well above the knees. Her shining knight is giving able company in bermudas and a body hugging t shirt. Now that is being cool, literally.

And yes, I fall into such fits of laughter that they’ll certainly choke me to death someday.

Coffee Wawfee Chai Wai – If you are a coffee/tea lover, you’re going to love this. It might be the cold, but you get the best of coffee and tea in the hills. If might make the calorie conscious people anxious, but this is how I love it. Loads of cream, chocolate, sugar, full cream milk coffee is what you get here. So thick that if you don’t wipe your mouth after a sip, you’ll have crusty, grey moustaches in some 5 minutes believe me, I’ve tried). It usually comes in simple, porcelain cups. Coffee mugs are still not in vogue in the hills.

Photo Courtesy - Benjamin Thomas.

Photo Courtesy – Benjamin Thomas.

Coming to chai, it, usually, has three versions. One with loads of ginger, milk, little sugar and highly boiled. Second with plain hot water, honey and ginger. Both are heavenly and can help you shake off slumber. I love both. Then, there’s a third one, known as butter tea. I tried it some four times but still can’t find myself appreciating the usage of salt in tea. This one isn’t for me; I wonder how Heinrich Harrer (of the Seven Years in Tibet fame) attuned himself to its taste.

Resourceful – All right, this might read like a bit of generalisation. But yes, I find people in the hills more resourceful than many others. For instance, when it rains in big cities down there in the plains, the first thing that people do when they wake up is curse. Then peer down the balcony to check if their cars are somewhat submerged. Then they curse more, and start fidgeting. The public transport gets choked and nothing gets better unless you take a leave from office for the day, or reach office without soiling your linen pants.

Photo Courtesy - sektordua

Photo Courtesy – sektordua

The same rainy morning in the hills will see a few raised eyebrows. Then, a shrug and rolling up of jeans/linens, getting out in the rain with an umbrella that hardly helps, or a waterproof jacket that makes you look like a still in processing form of Yeti or the abominable snowman. As for the public transport (if there is any), the buses keep plying and spluttering mud on anyone who comes in the way. Thankfully, Zara is hardly found here so no offence taken. Just to add, rains are prolonged and more thundering in the hills.

365 Day Light & Sound Show – Hills come alive at night, with an energy that’s very raw and pulsating. Tiny light bulbs come flickering as the sun dips, creating contour like lines of lights across the hills. Mist rises up the electricity poles and all that you see is the diffused orange/white glow from the huge light bulbs up there. And if you take your gaze above that, the stars seem to reach out to you, bigger and brighter.

Photo Courtesy - Tarun Mazumdar.

Photo Courtesy – Tarun Mazumdar.

As for the sound, if you listen closely, you can hear tree leaves rustle. One gentle breeze up a tree reaches other with the alacrity of electric current and sets it rustling as well. Then, there’s another rumbling sound. Coming from the vehicles (if there’s a road nearby) that are going up/down the winding roads. It sounds like… umm… little tornado approaching and crossing you with a whoosh. I love the zoom out effect.

Ahh.. I’m so clearly in love with hills. I can add some 5 more points here, but these days, I’m following the convention. The rule that says that you ought to stick to the title/headline of your post. Maybe later.

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