I know, Ladakh has always been a photographer’s fantasy. A fantasy that surprisingly holds true sans Photoshop or any filter. While I cannot deny that there would be thousands of Ladakh photos on the internet and you might have been bombarded with those, especially in summer time, I still could not resist from sharing these. For, you see, Ladakh stays surreal even in the face of all those photographs, or the traces of bad tourism that it has started sporting, or the numerous Manali – Leh bike rallies in summer that make the journey seem like an illogical conquest rather than an experience.

Ladakh, to me, is simple and magnificent at the same time. Simple in its people and magnificent in its terrain.

Imagine a gypsy hut in the remotest, loftiest corner of the Himalayas that you can think of; imagine taking sips of tea while looking at a wild, mountain river and sitting under trees that might shower you with apples or apricots – your luck; imagine meeting wrinkle-age nuns whose eyes have more stories than a JK Rowling book; imagine biking into another Himalayan village to be greeted by kids eager to high five you on their way to school; imagine running into a desert in the middle of the high Himalayas; imagine looking up at Buddha idols so tall that you wonder at your own tininess and stop caring; imagine watching the Milky Way getting darker into the night, jackals howling somewhere not very far away! In short, imagine going to a place where time stops, where you might just hear your heartbeats even as the wind gets howling by the bluest of most lakes.

If you could imagine all of that, you will find magic in these photos. Here’s the best of the lot, Ladakh as I found it.




































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