Right. I did not write the customary year end post.


One, it will be obsolete in a few days, for we are sitting at the cusp of 2015 and 2016.

Two, the very fact that it will ask me to dig into the past makes it quite a boring task.

A lot changed in the past few months, I took a fulltime job (damn yeah), moved to “the” capital, inhaled in more of its already rotten air, had a few nervous breakdowns (all in my head) by looking at the number of people in its already crowded lanes and metro trains, River Yamuna looked bleaker and blacker than ever, a lot of friends got married and faded into oblivion (just like married people do)…

So yes, I have an endless list of complaints for the past year. But you are not here to read such rantings. Neither is ranting my specialization; so let us look at the rosy side.

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasentest sensations in the world.” With another year about to begin, I hope to put my travel list in place. While 2015 brought a number of short trips and getaways with friends, 2016 will be solo again. I’ve a lot of new towns in mind, starting with a long trip to Goa (yes, this place hasn’t happened yet!), a quick one to Meghalaya’s delights, another long one to Bhutan and… There’s a lot more, endless. So 2016 will have me waking up in newer places, putting more stuff on my blog, getting more serious about photography (yes, portraits for those who’ve been dropping subtle and not so subtle hints). Add some surprises and we’ll have quite an eventful year. You made your 2016 maps yet? That, in the photo, is Naggar, a sleepy hamlet looking quite rad under the setting Sun. #travelgram #travel #quote #writersofinstagram #blog #manali #adventure #himachal #instatravel #india #sunlight #outdoors #nature #himalayas #mountains #canon #river #nomadscribblings

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A number of awesome people have walked in the last year, and this number is set to increase in 2016 as I plan to organize a number of Insta meets (yes, Instagram is one of the new loves) in Delhi and other places that I intend to travel to. So, yes, I’ll be meeting you and a lot of new faces interested in travel, photography and storytelling.

Details will be out on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page soon.

Myanmar tourism

Photo Courtesy – http://news.destination-asia.com/2013/01/blueprint-for-tourism/

Coming to places, 2016 brings in a new list, with a lot of old names, such as Goa (I wonder how I’ve skipped it for so long) and Bhutan (a nation that has a very special connection for me). There is Myanmar (look it up on Google, it’s fantastic) and Cambodia, if I do not go all broke by then, as well.

Himachal, as usual, will keep seeing me of course. A number of Himalayan treks are signed up for as well.

Talking of photography, I hosted three workshops in 2015. A lot more coming in 2016, for I’ll be leaping into Portrait Photography. So, yes, get in touch and have your portfolio done (I swear I won’t be fleecing you of your money). 

This blog, my most coveted property (if we can call blogs that), will see more posts. Lesser edits, no second thoughts. I also intend to get more out of Vlogging (video blogs) and make you fall in love with it.

And yes, I have a task set for you. 

Get in touch, write to me. Feedback, your trips and plans, photography, visual storytelling, collaborations, places and what you would like to see on Nomad Scribblings. Or, a coffee. 

Let’s sail into a new year together. Happy travelling.

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