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A complete itinerary for Spiti Valley via Kinnaur

While a lot of people, mostly in rush, prefer visiting Spiti via Manali, I am in ardent love with Kinnaur and would not skip it for anything. With that in mind and a lot of queries, I've written this mammoth itinerary for Spiti Valley via Kinnaur. The roads from...

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Kasol Diaries – If You’re Still Not Over Malana Cream

Quite famous for its hash, Kasol sees a lot of trance party and the lovers of it. But yeah, there is more to it. A lot more to it if you are as city-sick (sick of city) as I am. Surprisingly quaint, Kasol has snow-laden Himlayan peaks for its horizon, a few good cafes, unobtrusive tourists, rows of shops selling tailored clothes (check out for some interesting hippie pants, wraparound skirts, jackets and bags), a few bike rental points and the customary momos stalls.

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Chitkul to Kalpa – Spiti Valley Itinerary via Kinnaur

Next in your itinerary for Spiti Valley via Kinnaur would be Kalpa, the prettiest of all Chitkul to Kalpa Kalpa might just be the loveliest stop in your itinerary to Kinnaur & Spiti Valley. Chitkul to Kalpa is a 63 km journey but might take you close to 4 hours in the...

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50 Offbeat India Tour Ideas! The Great Secrets!

50 Offbeat India Tour Ideas! The Great Secrets!

Considering one giant of a country that India is, the chances of getting one answer to your queries for a perfect holiday to India is a tough bet. So, I picked the things and places that wooed me the most in India and put them together in this list of 50 ideas for an offbeat India tour.

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